Kailali Hospital
Pvt. Ltd

Kailali Hospital is one of the most reputable destination travel medicine centers in the Farwest. The hospital was established as a clinic in 2070 to meet the needs for a farwest standard clinic to treat foreign diplomats and aid workers in Nepal

We are pleased to announce that Kailali Hospital has just opened its own state of art new Operation Theatre supported by a team of highly qualified surgeons, orthopaedic and gynaecological specialist and anaesthesiologists at Kailali.


To provide high quality and affordable health care to the society


  • To create an institution with safe and evidence based medicine
  • To set high Ethical standards in medical Practice

Great Infrastructure

Qualified Doctors

Great Laboratory

Emergency Services

Free Consultation

Affordable Prices

Consultant Doctors

Dr. Annad Pathak(MBBS, MS General Surgery (KU))

General and laparoscopic surgeons Former Assistant Professor (…………) Specialist surgery, plastic surgery Hydrocele, hernia, tattoo, joint operation Piles, fistula Gallbladder, bladder stones, appendix Related to chest, back, rheumatism, stomach disease Visit Date: Daily

Dr. Rabin Bahadur Basnet(Associate Professor)

Kidney stones, urinary tract stones, prostate gland surgery, urinary bladder stones

Dr Dinesh Siwakoti

Senior Sexual and Dermatologist Skin diseases, leprosy Hair loss HIV / AIDS / STIs Related to plastic surgery Aesthetic related Daily

Dr. Bidhan Nidhi Poudel (Chief Consultant Physician)

Stomach, heart and chest diseases Diabetes Liver disease TB, hepatitis Blood pressure and heart disease Endoscopist From the first Friday of each month to Tuesday

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Panjiyaar

MD, DM (Cardiology) KUMS Consultant Cardiologist / Head of Department of Cardiology B&C Medical College, Jhapa Nepalganj Medical College Diseases to be treated: - Heart check-up and counseling

Dr. Rucchi Gupta

MBBS, MD Pediatric (TU) (Neonatal and Pediatrician) Diseases to be treated: - Newborn care counseling - Newborn and pediatric related

Dr. Anjana Sharma

MBBS, MD Gynea, (BPKIHS) (Senior Gynecologist and Obstetrician) Diseases to be treated: - Menstrual irregularities - Childless - Infertility - Pregnant and maternity - Lower abdominal

Dr. Gyanendra Joshi

MBBS (KUMS) MS Orthopedics (Consultant Orthopedic and Spinal Surgeon) Consultant Orthopedic / Spine Surgeon Fellowship in Spine Surgery GIH, SHI (USA) Diseases to be treated: - Hip, bone, joint and drug related - Spinal check up and counseling

Dr. Mohan Belbaase

Dr. Suraj Tiwari

Dr. Santosh Pandey